Our Wānanga

Te Wānanga Takiura is a private, Māori, tertiary, teacher training institution that provides a Māori pathway of quality and substance to total immersion, Māori medium tertiary education and a bachelor degree qualification in Kura Kaupapa Māori teaching.

Te Ao Māori, te reo Māori, tikanga, kawa, wairua and mātauranga Māori are the essential learnings that Te Wānanga embraces to facilitate Māori students into a tertiary education programme that embraces a Māori world view, values and aspirations.

“The emerging educational vision among Māori is the desire for an education that enhances what it means to be Māori, so simple and yet so profound”. Penetito, 2002.

“He kākano koe, I ruia mai i Rangiātea, E kore e ngaro”


Facing the future with Te Wānanga Takiura o Ngā Kura Kaupapa Māori o Aotearoa

Te Wānanga Takiura’s unique pathways in Māori medium, tertiary education are grounded in Te Ao Māori, mātauranga Māori, tikanga Māori, wairua Māori, total immerssion Māori language and Māori perspectives to learning.

In our Rumaki Reo programme we guarantee that you will be competent in understanding and speaking te Reo Māori in one year, plus graduate with a Te Wānanga Takiura qualification of a ” Diploma in Oral Māori Language Fluency,” up to Level 5, that has been approved by NZQA.

There are no academic requirements for entry but you will have to demonstrate a ‘passion for wanting to learn te ‘Reo’. Strong attendance is absolutely critical. Anything below 80% is not acceptable.

The Rumaki Reo programme must be your principal focus for the year allowing no other issues to infiltrate or to distract you. Students who cannot adhere to this commitment and dedication should not enrol at Te Wānanga Takiura.


After the Rumaki Reo Programme is Completed:

It is possible for you to bridge into our NZQA and NZTC bachelor degree approved teaching qualification in Māori medium education that is the; Bachelor of Teaching Kura Kaupapa Māori; Tohu Paetahi Ako Kura Kaupapa Māori.

Again, your commitment, dedication and industry is required with no loss of focus or giving into distractions. Consider enrolling elsewhere if these essential requirements are beyond you.

There will be pre-entry oral and written tests in te reo Māori for prospective incoming students in order to ascertain levels of competency in these two areas.


In the Bachelor of Teaching Kura Kaupapa Māori Degree

( Te Tohu Paetahi Ako Kura Kaupapa Māori)

Te Wānanga Takiura aspires to:

  • provide quality Māori education and teacher training programmes in line with the Kura Kaupapa Māori philosophy and the principles of Te Aho Matua

  • immerse the values of mana tikanga Māori, mana reo Māori, mana tangata Māori, mana wairua Māori, mana mātauranga Māori and mana Māori pedagogy into all its programmes

  • conduct and develop Māori research in total immersion Māori medium education and traditional mātauranga Māori

  • draw in student teacher trainees from a wide spectrum of the community, including graduates from total immersion Māori schools, mature students fluent in the Māori language seeking a career change and graduates from Māori language bridging courses such as our Rumaki Reo programme

  • develop programmes and research that are informed by mātauranga Māori, tikanga Māori and Māori pedagogy

Te Wānanga Takiura aspires to;

“Increase Māori participation, retention, completion and graduation, at Bachelor degree and Diploma levels in Māori medium, total immersion, Kura Kaupapa Māori teacher training and education”

When you graduate from Te Wānanga Takiura you will be fluent in Māori language and qualified to teach in all types of Māori medium schools and mainstream schools.

Te Wānanga Takiura teacher training and Māori language fluency qualifications have also proved to be excellent springboards for entry into other avenues of employment including the media – especially with that extra distinguishing feature of being competent in Te Reo Māori and tikanga Māori.