APA Referencing Guide

Information about our APA:
APA is an acronym for the American Psychological Association, it was this association that developed this form of referencing. This form of referencing has been adopted by the Wānanga Takiura o Ngā Kura Kaupapa Māori o Aotearoa for the Teaching degree programme. All students that submit work in this degree must submit their assignments with properly formatted APA Referencing. It is an advantage to each degree programme student to learn this style of referencing and as such, this page will help with students ongoing learning this referencing style.

Referencing Guide:
This APA Referencing Guide will help you in coming to understand the APA Referencing system, please study this guide as it is one of the up to date guides on the web, including how to reference social media websites.

Citation Machines:
Citation Machines are free and an easier way to get your referencing done quickly, you manually enter the details in the boxes of the citation machine, be wary of the  default settings, you maybe referencing a book, but you need to reference a journal or a website.  Be wary of this and set the citation machine to the resource that you wish to reference,  here is a selection of free citation machines.

APA Citation Machine